1 - 4th July 2019 — Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

1 - 4th July 2019

Talgat Ayupov

Chairman of the Board of Halyk Finance JSC

Talgat Ayupov graduated from T.Ryskulov Kazakh Economic University with a degree in information systems in economics, and also has a MSc in Mathematical Trading and Finance from Cass Business School City of London (United Kingdom).
He worked at the Halyk  Bank since April 2008 and held the position of the Head of the Treasury Department for Trade Operations. From November 2014 to January 2017, he held the position of Treasury Director of Altyn Bank JSC (SB JSC Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan). In January 2017, he was again accepted to the Bank as Director of the Treasury.
Previously, he worked at JSC National Analytical Center under the Government and the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan and held the following positions: expert analyst at the Financial Sector Analysis Department, executor of research services on the analysis of the financial system in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Talgat Ayupov was appointed Chairman of the Board of Halyk Finance JSC from May 24, 2019.