1 - 4th July 2019 — Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

1 - 4th July 2019

Sheikh Esam Mohamed Ishaq

Vice Chairman of the Governance and Ethics Board of the Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI)

Sheikh Esam Mohamed Ishaq - is a leading figure in the area of Islamic Finance. He is a teacher of Islamic Law and Theology in English and Arabic. He also is a member of the Board of Trustees for Al-Iman Islamic School in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 
Sheikh Esam Mohamed Ishaq serves as a Shariah Advisor to Bahrain Development Bank, Kingdom of Bahrain. Sheikh Ishaq also acts as a Shariah Advisory Board member for many institutions including Al-Baraka Islamic Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Fajr Capital. He has been serving as a member of Shari’ah Supervisory Boards of the various financial institutions including Al Baraka Islamic Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Al Meezan Islamic Bank, Dar Takaful in the UAE, Islamic Finance House (Abu Dhabi) and Maldives Monetary Authority. 
Currently he is serving as a Vice Chairman of AGEB – AAOIFI Governance and Ethics Board and as a member of Shari’ah Panel of International al Islamic Financial Markets and others.