3-5th July 2018 — Astana, Kazakhstan

3-5th July 2018

Rae Kwon Chung

2007 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Ambassador for Climate Change


Green Growth Forum / GEWR`18
3 July, Hilton Astana: Paris Hall
09:30-10:30 - Green Growth Forum / GEWR`18 Plenary Session

Ambassador Chung is the chief negotiator for climate change issues representing the Republic of Korea since May 2008. Since the early 1990s Ambassador Chung has been involved in international environmental negotiations for climate change and the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. He contributed as a lead author for an IPCC special report on technology transfer and received a personal copy of 2007 Nobel Peace Prize as contributor to the award of IPCC Nobel Peace Prize 2007. He served as Director-General for International Economic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Korea. While working at UN ESCAP (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific) as Director for Environment and Sustainable Development Division, he was promoting a new paradigm of “Green Growth” as a regional strategy of sustainable development for Asia and the Pacific.

Mr. Rae Kwon Chung held a post of the Head of Department of the environment and sustainable development (DESD) of ESCAP. Mr. Chung is well known for the active position and creation of dialogues by practical methods of Sustainable development, with the help of him ESCAP became a leader in promotion of the concept of Strategy of green growth since 2005. Under his management in 2012 ESCAP has issued the Road map on the green growth and low carbon emissions. He worked as the Envoy of the Republic of Korea on a problem of climate change and in the previous activity in the Korean negotiations on climate change he has developed new concepts of scientific and technical exchange. Mr. Rae Kwon Chung is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate of 2007 for a contribution to activity of IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate Rae Kwon Chung has suggested the authorities of Kazakhstan to follow the example of the United Arab Emirates and to create the city which will exist completely at the expenses of alternative energy sources.