1 - 4th July 2019 — Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

1 - 4th July 2019

Maxim Nechaev

Director, IHS Markit Ltd.

He brings 17 years of experience. His core areas of competence are business development, upstream economics, strategy, development, and implementation planning

Prior to joining IHS, Mr. Booz & Co. and Roland Berger, mainly developing strategies for oil companies. He spent four years with the business oil majors. Prior to this, Mr. Nechaev was a TNK-BP, a Russian oil major.

  • Group strategy: For a national oil company (NOC), studied current and potential market movements, identified and assessed key strategic options, developed implementation plan for a chosen way forward
  • Supply chain management: For an IOC, reviewed and identified problems of the company’s supply chain management (SCM) processes, defined new SCM concepts, developed implementation plan
  • Marketing strategy: For an NOC, studied dynamics of potential markets for refined products of a to-be-built refinery, defined business model, prioritized markets, developed capability buildup plan
  • Trading strategy: For an IOC, reviewed legislation, business and risk environment for opportunities for additional value creation
  • Regulatory support for the Russian Ministry of Energy on a number of issues (Mineral Extraction Tax [MET] formula, LNG exports, gas industry development)
  • Oil and gas strategy for Russia to 2020: For the Ministry of Energy, studied and modeled the development of the country’s upstream and downstream, identified key development obstacles, and suggested solutions and changes to legislation
  • Gas sales strategy: For an IOC production branch in Russia, identified and assessed options of gas marketing, evaluated alternatives for values and risks, studied and prioritized regional markets
  • Gas marketing strategy for independent gas producer in Russia
  • Gas marketing strategy in Russia and Ukraine for international oil companies (IOC)