3-5th July 2018 — Astana, Kazakhstan

3-5th July 2018

Ankhi Das

Director of Public Policy for Facebook in India, South & Central Asia

Global Finance Forum
Women in Tech
July 4 - 15:15-16:45
Congress Center - London Hall

Ankhi Das is the Director of Public Policy for Facebook in India, South & Central Asia. With over 18 years of public policy and regulatory affairs experience in the technology sector, Ankhi’s primary responsibilities are to lead Facebook’s efforts on connectivity, Internet governance, promoting access and open internet, privacy, data security, safety issues and political risk management for the company. In this role, Ankhi oversees the company’s relationships with policymakers, elected officials, government agencies and NGOs in India, South & Central Asian countries and directs the company’s programs in these areas. Her key goals are to promote the use of Facebook for civic engagement, community organizing for elections, social causes, use of Facebook family of apps for fueling economic growth and opportunities for start ups, small and medium businesses and promoting entrepreneurship development in the region.
Ankhi was a member of the Multi-stakeholder Advisory (MAG) of the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) as a private sector representative and an active participant in the global multi-stakeholder dialog. She has participated in several global internet policy negotiations of the ITU and represented industry. She is an active voice on Internet Governance issues at the IGF and groups like ICC-BASIS, FICCI, COAI, USIBC, IAMAI and participated in the NetMundial text negotiations and the meeting in Sao Paolo on the future of the internet. Ankhi is also the Vice-Chair of the USIBC Digital Economy Committee.