3-5th July 2018 — Astana, Kazakhstan

3-5th July 2018

Astana Finance Days Programme

The Astana Finance Days will host an exclusive discussion of key issues across a number of forums. Different panel sessions and roundtables will facilitate an open dialog on the importance of local and regional markets and better connectivity and cooperation. Separate set of panel sessions will shed the light on key issues of addressing the challenges and opportunities for establishing Astana as a global financial centre.

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Astana Finance Days ARCHITECTURE as of June 22

Astana Finance Days PROGRAMME as of June 23

AIFC Digital Exhibition

Global Silk Road Forum (2-3 July 2018)

2018 Kazakhstan Global Investment Roundtable (3 July 2018)

Astana Finance Days participants will enjoy the opportunity of visiting the best concert venues of the city and unique performances of Kazakh and classical music, getting insight in the steppe culture and national festivities.

Detailed information on the Astana Finance Days cultural events is in the Cultural Programme section.