1 - 4th July 2019 — Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

1 - 4th July 2019

31/05/2018, 09:21

"Zero bureaucracy" of AIFC

On May, 30 SAP Forum was held in Astana. SAP Forum Astana is the largest SAP business conference in Kazakhstan, which gathers hundreds of professional participants of international IT industry in order to discuss innovative experience and the latest technologies of digital transformation of business and government services. Representatives of Astana International Financial Centre also took part in the Event to discuss the vision of the new financial hub on digitalization process. 

In the 4th quarter of the year, Astana International Financial Centre will launch a special platform, due to which foreign investors will be able to conduct business without any bureaucratic delays. This was stated by Aare Laponin, Director of the Information Technology Department of the AIFC.

"We are creating an environment with a "zero bureaucracy" for doing business. From the very beginning, a businessman, an investor, will be engaged in the things for which he  comes to AIFC: setting up a company, getting a license, reporting to tax authorities and so on. All this will be invisible to the investor. For the investor all this will be presented on one single simple webpage with accessible and understandable services. While "Behind the Scenes" is a whole ecosystem", said Mr.Laponin in the framework of the Forum. As an example Mr.Lapynin cited the following situation: for an investment banker who wants to come to Kazakhstan and start creating his portfolio, a platform with "zero bureaucracy" will present a simple menu for solving all problems.

In turn, AIFC Chief Digital Officer Asel Zhanasova (Zhienbaeva) added that in addition to the concept of "zero bureaucracy", AIFC is implementing digitalization projects to the activities of the Arbitration Center, the Court, and the financial regulator. At the same time AIFC will be predicting the risks and threats of artificial intelligence.

"We would like to simplify the process of registration, opening a bank account, and obtaining individual identification number. So that before arriving to Kazakhstan any investor could register a company, open bank accounts and so on. Also we completely switch to the platform of the electronic judicial system. All clients of the court site can participate in the process through a virtual room without even coming to Kazakhstan", Mrs. Zhanasova said.


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