1 - 4th July 2019 — Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

1 - 4th July 2019

20/05/2018, 22:53

Astana Finance Days to kick off AIFC Official Launch

Astana, one of the youngest and fastest-growing cities in the world, is celebrating 20th anniversary of becoming the capital of Kazakhstan on July 5th, 2018. In the past 20 years Astana has not only become the local administrative, cultural, and business center, but managed to transform the economy of Kazakhstan. This year we are celebrating Astana becoming a recognized financial center with the Official Launch of the Astana International Financial Centre.

The Official Launch ceremony will feature as the keynote event at the Astana Finance Days, multi-day forum of forums, which will gather heads of states and multilateral institutions, international policy makers and representatives from private market, financial experts and heads of large multinational companies, experts from academia and think tanks. At the Astana International Financial Centre, we believe in bringing together best experts to develop local and regional markets and promote better connectivity and cooperation. We have identified key developing areas and are working on addressing the challenges and opportunities  for establishing Astana as a global financial center.

The Astana Finance Days will organise an exclusive discussion of key issues across a number of forums. This year we are hosting 14th World Islamic Economic Forum, premier global event dedicated to Islamic finance. Different panel sessions and roundtables will facilitate an open dialog on the importance of sound and recognized legal framework to support and protect markets, investment and business climate, depth and liquidity of local capital markets. Separate set of panel sessions will shed the light on key issues at the heart of digital economy: regulation of financial technologies, latest trends in tech scene, necessity of removing existing barriers, including gender bias, or risks and opportunities of cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-enabled instruments. Astana strives to become the gateway to the Eurasian Economic Union and has already been dubbed “The Buckle on the Belt”—key regional financial services hub for the Belt and Road Initiative. Our forum will also debate and advocate the weight and significance of such largest international initiative in the past years. Our Belt and Road Forum will not only address geoeconomics and diplomacy among the Belt and Road countries, but also specifics of infrastructure investment as an important asset class.

Astana Finance Days will span over the course of a few days to combine key panel discussions and plenary session with satellite events and platforms. Guests will participate in discussions, witness the opening of trading day on Astana International Exchange, exhibitions of new tech products and services, commencing of new companies at the AIFC, and learn more about the AIFC and Kazakhstan.


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